Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend treasures

Is that not one of the coolest buttons you've ever seen? Wish I could say it was mine, but it (and it's twin) actually belong to a friend of mine. She found them years ago at an estate sale and just had to have them. So they've sat for years in a drawer just waiting to find their (re)purpose. Now it's up to me to make this one become a pendant in a necklace for her.

The weekend also brought cousins, an impromptu family baseball game, two brothers teaching the six children between them to fish, and lots of go-cart riding. One little boy at least was in heaven...

As if the speed he employs isn't nail-biting enough, he's now taken to slamming on the breaks at top speed, cranking the wheel and almost doing a 180 skid. I think he could get it if he just weighed a little more.

One of the best parts for me was watching that same little boy look on in awe when the farmers came to cut the alfalfa. This is a normal occurence around here and one he's accustomed to, but this time was especially enthralling because there was a boy operating the big John Deere that pulled the hay rake. When I say boy, I mean boy. Definitely not licensed to drive. Daddy was on the tractor behind him, in his ear, giving instructions. I could just see the wheels turning in John's head, drooling in anticipation of the day when he can go to work for this farmer. He's been talking about it since he was four.

I've gotta say, I think the kid did a great job.

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