Thursday, May 1, 2008

Market Report

In just two days the market opens and I'm surprisingly calm. Busy, but calm. My whole table is setup in the fireplace room (as we call it) just to see how much I have, if I can spread it out a little more than usual, and beacause I haven't set it up since last November. I've discovered I have enough to look respectable. I also need another card-size table just for jewelry. I'm short some of my bigger pieces, some of the more special purses and such, but I'll be making more as the summer progresses.

For now I wanted to give you the link again to the market so you can check it often, as they will be posting weekly updates from each of the 43(!) vendors. Also, if you visit the market you can sign your name on their email list and receive weekly updates from Cricket (market manager) as to what each vendor will be offering for the week.

I realized too that many of you have never seen me at a market or show, and that I don't have time to list everything I make in my Etsy shop. So here are a few pictures to tease, and hopefully the folks who are local can stop by to visit!

Belts for little girls:

Belts for big girls:

And a smattering of jewelry:
(there's more :))

And I almost forgot, an overflowing bowl full of headbands. I'll start on the keychains next. Hope to see many of you there!

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Pamela said...

You're going to do great!!! Have a fun time and enjoy the blessing of wonderful weather on opening day.