Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it me or is it Etsy?

Yes, we live where there is no high speed internet access other than to pay over $100 a month for satellite which is unreliable and doesn't work when it rains. Yes, we have dialup and it takes 10 minutes to load one picture on Etsy or my blog. I'll stop complaining because I've accepted it. I really have. When it comes time to load pictures I just hit "upload" and then make myself busy for 10 minutes. There's plenty to do. I can work on dinner, do laundry, vaccuum, clean or of course, knit.

So when I kept getting booted out of Etsy when I was trying to load pictures today I finally gave up. Probably after over an hour. Yes, really. That long.

Instead I just thought I'd give you all a preview and try again later. Here's a new necklace with some czech glass, pink quartz pendant and a few faux pearls. I love it.

And for fans of green, one with green czech glass and a shell pendant.

There. Now I feel like I've accomplished something. I'll get back to trying Etsy later tonight.

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