Saturday, May 10, 2008

They came anyway

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning to rain and thought, "uh oh, there goes the market". But fortunately it stopped shortly thereafter and never rained the rest of the day. It was a damp and chilly morning, but still they came, lots of people to look, chat, eat, buy. It's looking like that great kind of market, where everyone is happy to be there, vendors greet with relaxed smiles, neighbors and friends run into each other and stop for a chat and catch up on life.

I'm in a lucky spot, next to some great neighbors of my own. First, the Evans Family Collective, a warm and happy group of five or six folks who somehow put it all together and create an eclectic and inviting experience for all who pass by. Here's just a little snippet of what they offer:

A bit further down is Hickory Green Farm, a husband and wife team with beautiful flowers and wreaths, creatively displayed. Their ever present smiles match the happy decor.

And on the other side, we have Mary. Mary with the busy hands. The weeds don't stand a chance based on her energy, and I get the feeling she could grow just about anything.

It was also a day of bouncing. Luckily I was right next to the big blow up dinosaur which my kids thouroughly enjoyed. That and the honey sticks were a huge hit. Thank goodness the days are over where they screech and flail when it comes time to leave. Happy, agreeable children all around.

Lauren insisted on helping me pack up sold items and hand them to the customers. John was the money counter (as he was last week) but graciously waited until we got home. And Allie? Well, Allie just gobbled up most of the fruit a friend gave me, (I made her save me some), kept telling me how starving she was and was an otherwise permanent fixture of the dinobounce.

As if there wasn't enough bouncing, we then made our way downtown this evening for a bluegrass concert. Kevin actually survived a trip to the city and back without too much moaning and groaning. There the kids had their faces painted, and I mean PAINTED. Entire face. Alien, dog and cat. I dodged paint all night. There were exotic balloon shapes, which Allie managed to destroy (all but her own somehow) and more bouncing...bouncing...bouncing. I'm all bounced out. Ready for a relaxing Mother's Day. Hope you enjoy yours!

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JJ (Lady Di) said...

We were able to make it this weekend and enjoyed it. (Found your blog through the Market email.) I would have said hello but you had customers and since I wasn't buying I didn't want to stop a sale. Your table looked very nice though. :)