Friday, May 23, 2008

Excuses, excuses

Here's why the yellow bag had to wait. After two reschedulings due to rain, we finally got to go on the kindergarten field trip to Maymont. Any time 19 five and six year olds are involved it's an adventure, and an afternoon that called for naps.

But before all that, the sun was shining, the shade was cool and the bears were dancing.

A favorite spot, near the koi pond with the large stepping stones where you can walk right across the lake:

And for anyone who knows Maymont, they also know it's synonymous with WALKING.

Rest break.

Ending with a picnic. I wonder what she's thinking...

I'll be at the market in the morning. Just trying to finish up because I'd love to go to bed about 9. Wishful thinking.

feel like I'm talking like a robot ... can you tell I'm tired ? gotta go

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