Friday, May 16, 2008



feels like I've been climbing uphill all week so I decided to hit fatigue head on and force it out by going for a run

either it's going to work or get worse

had to try out a Mother's Day gift (shirt) from Kevin who was outside cheering me on, "GO AMY GO" with each loop around as if I was in a race or something

we cracked ourselves up

I said, "I feel like I'm 80!" as I raised my index fingers triumphantly

"You look like you're 20!" he said

gross exaggeration but a girl can dream

sometimes he knows just what to say

Market Report for tomorrow (5/17): 78 degrees and sunny. 5-10 mph winds so I'll have to tether things down but I'll be there! Here's the link for times, directions and the vendor lineup. It wasn't up yet when I just checked it, but should be soon I would think.

The jewelry selection is ever changing and if I finish it I'll have the 0-6 month version of the pink baby sweater I posted about last week. That and a couple of different hats and the blue baby booties and hat from yesterday.

Come out if you can! I'll have the girls for part of the time which means honey sticks all around.

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