Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Blog's Demise

The time has come to say goodbye to my blog.  Part of me is sad and a bit nostalgic but more than anything I'm excited.  This blog started as one thing and ended up something quite different than the original intention.  It's time to start fresh.  So rather than being all final about it, why don't we start something new?  Skip on over to my new address at and have a look around.  If you'd like my new posts to come straight to your email inbox just sign up (where it says "sign up" or "follow" in the side bar) and you won't have to wonder when I post or look for me on Facebook.
But if this is goodbye I want to say thank you.  Thanks for reading, commenting, stopping by to look and buying from my Etsy shop back in the day.  It means more to me than you know.
If you are hanging on for the ride, thank you too.  It's the same ol' me with new shoes.