Thursday, May 22, 2008

Not to beat a dead horse or anything...

It became readily apparent yesterday when I was on the phone with the editor from Skirt! Magazine that the unisex and even boy booties were lacking something with their naked toes. You see she realized the hot pink booties she purchased from me at the market weren't really appropriate for the baby BOY she was buying them for and so called me for a trade. She saw the new, plain-toed ones on the website but it was clear that what she was after was the TOE. That sealed the deal and they now all have toe embellishments and have been dubbed "bloomin' booties".

Let me know what you think.

The brown ones have blue toes and the blue ones have white. The matching hats will be bloom-less but edged at the bottom in the accent color so as to still be appropriate for boy or girl. When they will be changed in the shop I do not know. Seems the week has gotten away from me and the weekend has filled up so quickly it seems like it's gone already. Maybe Monday we can slow down and have a good, old-fashioned Memorial Day.

Because of the disappearance of time this week, the new mustard yellow bobble bag I've started will not debut at the market as intended. If you're familiar, it's going to be like the large green one I used to have in the shop. (I realize that only applies to like 3 of you.) It will have brown twisted rope handles, be fully lined and the body of the bag will be what you see below with brown sides (and maybe bottom, haven't yet decided).

Here's the tease...

...stay tuned.

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Pamela said...

Love the bloomin' booties! And, yes, I remember the bobbles. Love the bobbles.

Have a delightful weekend!