Saturday, May 31, 2008

I lost the raffle

So I didn't win the raffle at the market today. The prize was a handmade broom and a gallon of honey. That's alot of honey! I'm a sucker for watching people make things by hand and lucky for me this was directly in front of my tent.

Kevin and the kids stopped by for an unexpected visit on their way to John's baseball game. I caught up with them at the game long enough to see John get a couple of base hits before taking Lauren and Allie to a birthday party. It was a hot and sticky day, fortunately the party involved water and swimsuits and the airconditioned car ride was right up my alley.

The market slowed down and was actually a welcome relief from yet another hectic week. I had some time to sit, finish a few booties and start on a hat all while chatting with a young visitor (the anklet wearer) who couldn't stop playing with the chocolate bunny in my shop.

I really am going to take a week off here soon. I keep telling myself that, so we'll see what actually happens. I am known to change my mind.

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Pamela said...

Man, oh, man you are a busy one! Glad you are doing well. I hope to see you soon.