Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Slowing down

I really have been knitting. It seems like when the weather turns warmer I find myself crocheting more, making belts, booties, jewelry, etc. But here is a little custom order for a soon-to-be-born baby, in 6-12 month size. Should be perfect before too long.

Today we're staying home. Yesterday I was asked to do something fun and had to decline because of other commitments. I listed them and as I did I realized all we had going on in the family. Every night this week there is at least one if not two things going on. Not good, not intentional, not my style. So I started figuring out where I could cut some corners, just to stay home, get my head on straight, clean, do laundry, keep the house humming along, you know the routine.

Now if I can just keep it together with a very grumpy four year old who wants only to whine, stomp around and make as big a mess as she possibly knows how and clean none of it up. In response to my request to bring me the dirty clothes piled on the floor of her room I was told, "my day is awful because of you!"....Ahem, excuse me? Where does that come from, and if I tried to pull that at four (or any other time in my life) I can't tell you what would have happened. We are spending some time apart now, there's a little "time out" going on. Ahhhh, peace and quiet.

In addition to chores, today will be a bunny day. I have many more to make and will be tweaking the pattern I wrote for the bunny in response to a request to sell the pattern at the market. I hope to have it ready by Saturday in addition to some really pretty new jewelry with Moms in mind for Mother's Day, market bags and a few other new offerings. I like to keep my shop changing and make it continually interesting for everyone. Pictures and a market report are forthcoming!


patience said...

how about when your 2 year old says, "you just don't understand mama, you just don't understand..." ? This, of course, in her most dramatic voice. What is 14 going to look like? yikes! ;)
Good for you for finding a way to slow down, I needed this inspiration today myself.

Anne Margaret said...

I think it is amazing that as the kids get older, the business of our lives shifts from the toddler-frenzied home life, to a very busy school/sports/activities schedule away from home. I have finally come to terms with the facts that there will be busy seasons and slow seasons and I need to enjoy both. Homeschooling helps. And it doesn't hurt to realize that Brendan will be driving in 5-6 years and we all know how fast that kind of time can fly by!

Anonymous said...

We have so been having that kind of week around here, too. Seems to me I've heard similar things from my 4 year old (and the other 2 at different times, for that matter) but I think I've convienently blocked the memory...

Beautiful sweater.