Sunday, May 4, 2008

Take a walk with me

A while back I took you on a tour of what it looked like outside my house. Everything was coming up green, the tractors were out and it finally looked like Spring. In just a few short weeks things have changed and I've made some new little additions courtesy in part of yesterday's market. Here we go.

First, basil, the best herb ever.

Chives. All wild and free.

Lettuce, free from a fellow vendor yesterday when I bought some of his tomato plants. What a nice guy, from Manakin Towne. He said it would still be okay for a little while as long as it got morning sun and afternoon shade. That's why you see it tucked between some iris and lamb's ear. Good afternoon shade and cool dirt.

Look how great the lavender is coming along. Bought it two years ago from a local place called Lavender Fields. Another favorite smell, also right next to the picnic table on the back patio.

This next plant puts me in a dilemma every year. I love the way these Lamb's ear go wild here and get so tall. The only drawback is that when they flower (which many people don't allow them to do) they are the supreme bumblebee attractor. The action is great, nature at work, bees all busy and everything, but there are small children who call the backyard theirs. With the current plight of bees, do I let them flower? Do I cut them back? Same questions every year.

On to the peonies. Only a few blooms this year, it had at least 15 last year, the best ever, but the drought last summer really hurt it and someone (who could that be?) didn't keep up with watering it very well.

Yesterday's bud...

Today's flower...

And since I was right there, more iris at the potting shed. There are darker ones that bloom first, and then a lighter purple (in the background) follows shortly after.

Now out to the garden. Last summer, right before the tomato crop came in, we were forced to put in a new septic field (the old one from the 1950's was on borrowed time), which meant leveling the garden. Big disappointment. But this year it's back, new location, smaller, more manageable and still accessible by the water pump. I'm told "it's all yours this year, honey" and that'll be just fine (it was all mine before, but we'll keep that our secret).

And since I never showed you a picture of the house on the last go 'round, here it is in the background of one of the tomato plants I bought yesterday. An heirloom variety, not sure which, I got three in all and we'll just be surprised when they come out.

Hope you enjoyed your visit. I have a feeling we'll have to do this from time to time as everything changes with the seasons.

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Pamela said...

Thanks for the tour! Glad to hear the fun report from the market and the homestead. Enjoy the sunny day!