Saturday, May 3, 2008

It came, it went, it was awesome!

When my first customer of the day was an audiologist I used to work with 8 years ago and hadn't seen since, I knew it would be a good day. Up there is my little setup at the market. It was sunny and cool to start and warmed up as the day went along. I saw other old friends that I didn't expect to see, unexpected extended family, former customers, and met many new folks that came out for the biggest turnout the market has seen in its brief three year history. Over 850 people came out! And to think, the growers are really just getting started and the squash, zuccini, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. haven't come out yet. It's gonna be a good summer.

I bought some great herbs for my little herb garden I'm starting right outside the kitchen. In years past I've grown them in the regular garden which is a bit farther across the yard, but I think I'll like the convenience of the new location. Who cares if it is in the big flower garden in the back yard. I like that it's easy access from the kitchen and is right next to the picnic table so it will smell sooo good when we eat outside. There's almost no smell better than basil in my opinion and I'm going to grow a monster plant or two.

Thanks to everyone who came out, it was so good to see you. I really had a great time and am so excited to be part of such a happy, positive little community of people who like to use their hands, to grow or make pretty things, and to share the beauty they experience every day. And thanks also to the fellow vendor and new friend who gave me this beautiful little fresh flower arrangement she so carefully put together. It was our centerpiece at dinner tonight. I love it!

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