Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunny's house

Sunny officially has an indoor space outdoors to call her own. Made from all scrap materials that live in the long pole barn, it is cedar lined, has a bed of cedar chips in the back and a dry covered area in front. The metal roof matches the shed and the siding is actually the old, worn wood siding we took off that shed a few years back. It ties into the back of the tool shed which is part of the back yard. We can even plug in a heated pet bed when it gets really cold. (I'll send finished shots in an upcoming post)

There were lots of helping hands on the project.

And then some hands that decided to cook with mud and nuts instead. Yes, you remember the nuts.

I've got to point out the Spring sweater and cropped pants with the furry snow boots and knitted hat. A hodge podge at it's best, but when she just saw this picture she whispered with a hint of awe in her voice, "That's my BEST outfit."

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