Thursday, October 2, 2008


That's basically what my morning boiled down to while Allie was in school. I have my Etsy shop, I vend at the market every Saturday and I have my things in some local shops, but it's been my goal this Fall to increase my exposure by going to more shops to see if they're interested. So I took around a bag of hats and booties to see what I could stir up. Just 3 shops. One rather big, Whole Foods, and I NEVER would have thought of going there were it not for one their marketing people telling me to. The other two were small and I think I may have gotten somewhere with one because the manager was there and I could speak directly with her. The other two I had to leave my name and card and will follow up later.

It's a bit of leg work and the knitting alone is alot of work for a reduced price so I ask myself often if it's worth it and more importantly WHEN am I going to find the time to do it all? What I keep coming back to is that I'll make it work. It always seems to somehow. And it's not all about money, it's about something bigger that I just can't put my finger on right now, but I know it's out there and one day I'll know why all this is necessary.

I find the whole thing a humbling and exposing sort of venture. I've spoken about this before and I am getting used to the whole "putting yourself out there for the world to critique" sort of thing, but it really does get embarassing when you mention (while people are ooohing over your booties) that they were pictured in a local magazine this summer and can't remember the name of the magazine!! It was on the tip of my tongue. I remembered it as soon as by butt hit the seat of my car but could not for the life of me cough it up when it mattered most. Skirt! remember?

I spent a good half hour beating myself up about that one and then switched to repeating, "I will not beat myself up over something so trivial. I will not beat myself up over something so trivial...." you get the picture.

So that's basically how the morning went. Wish me luck.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

You'll be okay, and it will work. I know it.

Someone once joked to me that you lose a third of your brain capacity each time you give birth. So, we each have 3 kids. Basically, we're dumb as a box of rocks. That one always comes in handy when I forget something obvious...