Wednesday, October 29, 2008

color part 3: water

It's been so windy I've had trouble taking pictures outside, but today I managed to between gusts.

the yarn: Sublime (don't you just love the name?)
what it is: 100% extra fine merino dk weight
how it feels: like a spongy cloud of blankety warmth (weird way of putting it I know)

Some updates: the last market was cancelled due to weather, bummer! But I'll be headed to some of the holiday markets in Charlottesville, weather and Kevin's fishing schedule permitting. Once the market was over I looked at the calendar and he'd written, "Kevin fishing" on every Saturday between now and Dec. 31st. Guess he's planning on going.

Etsy has been keeping me busy and local orders, wholesale and a show coming up. I'm also going to be participating in a holiday market on Nov. 15th that the Goochland Farmers Market is sponsoring (my tried and true favorite). And there are plans in the back of my head to slowly integrate some new hat looks into the shop. Add all that to a sleepover birthday party full of 7 and 8 year olds, Halloween and the enormous bruise/black eye on Allie from a horsey ride on big brother gone bad and there's never a dull moment.

I leave you with a random quote for the day (I just can't pass this one up): "When I'm in heaven, will I see what my soul looks like?" --Allie, almost 5

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Ohhhhhh, you have to make it at least one weekend to C-ville! I think I won't be there the first Sat. of Dec., though- but we'll figure it out closer in.