Thursday, October 30, 2008

being 6 1/2

She has busy hands and has loved to write and draw since she first was able. Here's the list I found on the floor of the car today, maybe it's from this weekend, but who knows.

go to target read a book do the computer play with my spider play with the race-track. play with trains with john play with legos with John wacth t.v. with John have lunch play a game with Allie. play in the kichen with Allie play beauty parlor with allie look out my window. talk with mom. look out my window some more. get in bed and rest read a book rest more brush my teeth read Junie B. first grader cheater pants

What I love and perhaps envy the most is that she did/does what she feels like when she feels like it. She reads when she wants to and takes a rest when she needs one. Now what was that book about learning all you needed to know in Kindergarten? She's clearly graduated to first grade.

I couldn't resist sharing some photos from my walk with Sunny today. We waited until the sun was up nice and high. It was a frosty chilly one at 6 a.m. I hope this time of year is pretty wherever you are.

Think I should paint it? I need to add a nameplate above the door for sure. Her nice heated bed kept her in there till after the sun was up and puts my mind at ease.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

She's all legs!

Love the list- maybe she should be in charge of our to-dos.