Tuesday, October 7, 2008

At the dinner table

Kevin began the discussion at dinner last night talking about John's positive, can-do attitude. There was quite a bit of pre-discussion, but I'll let you in where it starts getting interesting.

"So you mean if we moved to Alaska and you had no friends and didn't know anyone and had to go to a new school and sit in a new desk, that'd be just fine with you?" Kevin asked him.

"Sure! It'd all work out. I can make new friends." replied John.

Kevin (to me): "Why don't I have that kind of mindset? Why don't I just know that somehow everything's gonna be just fine? That it'll all work out in the end. I really think everyone is born with that attitude and then they somehow lose it along the way."

me: "Well, not EVERYone is born with it (several examples come to mind)."

Kevin: "Okay, not everyone. But then why does he have it and some people don't? Why can't I have it?"

me: "You can."

Kevin: "I'm really trying. I mean I pray EVERY day, 'God, please take away my worry and anxiety. God, PLEASE take away my worry and anxiety.' "

me: "He can't take it away when you're holding on to it so tightly. You have to let it go in order for it to be gone. You have to set it all down and just walk away. Maybe you should pray, 'God, please help me to LET GO of all my worries and anxiety.' "

DING. (the sound of lightbulbs going off)

And it was just then that I remembered that the advice we most freely give is that which we most need to follow ourselves.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

So true- thanks for posting that.

patience said...

ugh...I'm with Kevin. Thanks for the wisdom...