Monday, October 13, 2008

Moon sand

I had no idea what we were getting into when I agreed to let Allie buy Moon sand with some of her birthday money. If you're familiar with it, you know that the tiny little grains of sticky colored sand get in every nook and cranny, all over the bottoms of feet, in the hair, stuck onto clothing and in between the miniscule cracks between the wood floor boards. The kids love it. More than Play Doh. It's right up there with paint.

I have a few ground rules on the moon sand:
1. they have to ask to get it out well before 8 p.m.
2. they can use it inside IF they can find the plastic art mat
3. or, they can take it outside on the porch if the weather's nice

I think that's fair. There is one up side to the whole operation and that is when they're done, they can never retrieve it all and the stuff left behind gets swept into the borders around the porch, or if we're inside it gets sucked up into the vaccuum. That way, we always end up with less than we started with. I'm waiting for the day they run out and want to buy more. I just hope the allure fades a bit before then. Maybe some of you have more tolerance for the stuff than me.

Today was great porch swing weather where I sat and watched the blue sand being made and remade into animals, houses, people, etc. I'm working my way through an order for three "everything baskets" from the shop. They take more hand strength than the usual knitting so I have to do some, switch to something else and then come back until they are eventually done. Thankfully I remembered to warn the purchaser they'd take me a few days to complete.

And the sand party raged on.

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Anonymous said...

It's been banned here. It had a fair trial period, now its gone. Horrible stuff. (but nice baskets)