Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

We began the holiday celebration last night with a cookout, one great-grandma, two grandparents, one brother-in-law, myself and six kids between us. Kevin had a fishing pass after tearing the front porch off the house, getting ready for the new addition. Come to think of it, we spent last 4th of July tearing another porch off the house because of the little, um, well, skunk problem. Remember?

Anyway, we missed him, but had a great time playing baseball and kickball and I let my nieces age 12 and 10 play around with my camera. These pictures are entirely from them, I wasn't involved at all and the results, I think, are wonderful.

First, of course you have the pink flip-flops and blue toenails.

Followed by a bit of shadow play.

And then the craziness that comes out at the end of the night. I love to see how the subject responds to the photographer.

(note the pink itch medicine on the poison ivy all over her face!)

In all, they took 330 pictures in just a couple of hours. Watching the creative imagination and thrill of the capture made my night. I'm sure to use more in coming posts.

Hope you have a happy holiday weekend!

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susie said...

Happy 4th - love the kids' pics!