Tuesday, July 21, 2009


"Whinin' a little bit today, aren't cha babe?" Kevin said to me about my post yesterday.

"Yep" I said, suddenly regretting my rant. Please forgive my momentary lapse of better judgement, but I'm hoping that with an apology and some more pleasant pictures I can redeem myself.

Attending the funeral of a family friend today made me think again about living simply and working hard, complaining less, giving more, being satisfied with what is, cherishing those around me and looking forward not back, reaching out rather than withdrawing or becoming self-absorbed. And that life doesn't have to be so complicated, or we don't all have to do enormous, great, astonishing, earth-shattering things to live the way we're meant to live or to be admired. That some of the greatest gifts we give to the world are our attitudes toward others, toward hard work, about ourselves, quirks and all. This is what I learned from Buck.

So here I go with pictures from tonight of what is, life at this moment, the simple, the mundane, the every day.

The red cannas at the top are probably 9 feet tall this year and beans are growing all around us now. My tomatoes are huge, but very very late and still green. I can't wait till they're ready.

Allie's mystery plant did turn out to be a pumpkin. I had to chop off all the vines before they invaded the yard and the rest of the garden. Healthy. Healthy.

Kevin has begun the footing for the addition,

and can you believe it? Comcast says we're ready.

Tomorrow there may be some knitting to show, I have a new little hat design for boys I'm excited about, inspired by the beach. That is, I'll show it if all goes well after the third go around of the dreaded Kindergarten shots. Wish us luck and not too much shrieking from Allie.

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Pamela said...

I totally understand your dentist dislike and you are welcome to dislike him all you want. No, I don't understand your children either. I do understand Allie's concern - I almost passed on going to college because I had to get a tetanus booster. I hope she has a quick visit with something fun afterwards.

I'm on your quest for simplicity with you. You help ground me. Thanks for that.