Monday, July 27, 2009

Letting it be

Today we are lazy. More like, the kids are. I got up a little later than normal but still took a morning run with Sunny, then started in with orders, work stuff, laundry, you know the drill. Then after late morning errands I tried to coerce everyone into going to the pool, well, maybe I didn't try too hard, they seemed not to hear me when I suggested it and I could tell they'd slipped deeply into summer-zombie-kid mode and I decided the best course would just to let them be. To let laziness take over if that's what the day held, to stop trying to force what wasn't happening naturally and follow the course for the day, whatever that meant.

That's how we ended up here:

To clarify, that's how they ended up there, with John stuck in his relentless pursuit to win solitaire (the old-fashioned kind) every time he plays and the girls glued to the furniture.

We really aren't a bunch of couch potatoes here and so I let them indulge every once in a while, after all, who can be on the go constantly and it be a good thing?

Anyway, it's giving me time to write, take pictures and make more jewelry. A good day all around.

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Pamela said...

What a great day! I love when one of those can slip into our schedules. Quite refreshing.