Sunday, July 5, 2009


I often wonder how we've managed to stuff so many major life changes all into a brief 11 years of marriage, so without me going into details, just take my word for it, we have. From the obvious ones to those behind the scenes, we're miles away from where we started and much better for it.
Here we go again with an addition that was supposed to start today but was delayed due to the solid, steady, soaking rain we've had all day that was forecast as a "passing shower".

Instead of showing you the before pictures and the start of the new construction, I only have the before photo, but it's a good place to start. From the beginning, the bare bones, the house as it was, poised to undergo another major change. Hey, it's part of the family, it may as well join us in our ongoing metamorphosis.

I must give credit where it is due, the first photo is another taken by my 12 year old niece. I'm tellin' you, she's good.

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