Thursday, July 23, 2009

Riding the wave

As promised here's the new hat. I think it's cuter in person, but you'd only know that if you could see it in person so that doesn't help much, but if you do come to see me at the market on Saturday you'll see it and the other color/fabric combinations I come up with between now and then.

As for the rest of this post I thought I'd give you a little photo montage of what life has been like around here lately with three wound up, crazy, happy, giddy, silly, goofy, relaxed, spaced out, nutty, widgets that are my children with whom I spend every day.

My brief attempt at summer organization has fallen by the wayside with the quick realization that it wasn't worth making myself crazy over. They help out and do some chores but are paid according to how much they actually accomplish in a week which lately hasn't been all that I'd hoped for. Fair, I think, when you consider that we just instituted allowance this summer and I figure that's how the real world works (for the most part) anyway. Work=paycheck.

But what these pictures make me wonder mostly is this: how can their free-spiritedness rub off on me, even just a little?

They start out all calm and nice,

then the wrestling ensues,

Allie tries to appear all "angelic-like" though she's the biggest hellion in the bunch.

Then the faces start and I give up,

some sort of goofy moaning of course,

sudden sleep,

and a gratuitous look up the nose,

followed by more sleep,

rounded out with more random flailing.

Perhaps now you understand my plight as a mother.

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susie said...

As a mom, that backseat looks awfully familiar to me! Cute kids, cute hat.