Sunday, July 6, 2008

Battle Skunk

Desperate times call for desperate measures and as you can see by the looks of our side porch, that's just what we took.

To make a very long story short, it became clear that after two weeks the skunk-under-the-house smell was not dissipating, not one little bit. Kevin pinpointed the area as coming from under the concrete porch that couldn't be accessed any way but from up top. So we demolished it, located a dead, rotted skunk, not intact, in its den, and the most horrendous, gut wrenching smell I've ever experienced in my lifetime. We hauled that away along with two pickup loads of concrete,

and are now on our way to rebuilding. That is, after Kevin replaces yet another original, termite bitten beam under the house and seals off that side of the house so no more critters can invade. All this was done on the 4th of July, all by hand, all by yours truly and the best husband I ever could have asked for.

Stay tuned for the rebuild.


*Michelle* said...

Wow! I hope it works! What a lot of work-- stupid skunks!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. My little mouse story doesn't even come close, but here it is if it makes you feel better- one had crawled in and died in the vent system in my car. Kept hoping it would finish rotting and be done, finally gave in and went to the dealer. Four hours and a few hundred later all was fresh again. Sorry yours couldn't be as quick.