Saturday, July 25, 2009

Addition progress

We have a footing, that's the thing the foundation sits on for the construction illiterate like I was not too many years ago. Digging and putting one in is quite a bit more work than one would expect. Both physical and mental work with lots of measuring, leveling, looking at elevations, etc. Thankfully all of that is out of my hands and in some very good ones.

Progress in motion.

The men were digging and getting ready, lucky for Kevin and I he has some extra helping hands to employ, especially when the red clay's as hard as concrete.

Enter "Mr. Old Timer in the Conrete Truck",

and, TADA! We have a footing. A bit anticlimactic I know, but it's important as I'm told. Very important to get it right. But it doesn't look like much, does it?

Now if the house were level we'd be getting somewhere fast, but after 80 years what can you expect?

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