Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I have this fortune from a Chinese restaurant that sits on my windowsill in the bathroom. I keep it there as a reminder, a directive, a swift kick, a chance to pause and reevaluate my situation. It reads: "He who hurries cannot walk with dignity." Gasp, choke.

Now really, how many moms of three young kids with a husband, a business, a side career, a dog, a cat, 8 chickens, a house under construction, several gardens, acres to mow, etc. etc, doesn't hurry every now and again?

But as the years go by I find the hurrying gets me nowhere but back to the beginning and so flip-flopped all upside-down-like inside that I often embarrass myself as I did last Saturday at the market, talking with an acquaintance (who by the way is the HR director for a big marketing firm in the city where I'm showing my stuff in a couple of days--gasp again). I was so overly fatigued that I wasn't making sense, I sounded like a bit of an idiot, and at times was even having trouble formulating sentences. Oh yes, it was that bad.

So as this blog often serves as a place where I center myself, slow down and find out what's really inside, today again is one of those days, where I invite you to see the stillness of our surroundings and the treats that are everywhere. I bet they exist where you are too. Go take a look.

And thanks for letting me indulge.


patience said...

oh, i love it...post every day please!

susie said...

Slowing down is a struggle sometimes when there is so much to be done. As a fellow mom with acres to mow, a job that needs to be done, scrapes and scratches to be kissed, and a kitchen buried beneath dirty dishes I can relate. Lovely post and pics.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be forever stuck in the spinning my wheels stage- I'm always hurrying and getting nothing done. How do you get so much made? Reminding myself of the things I'm working on that can't be shown sometimes helps, but I just know I need to get moving- but how w/out spinning my wheels? Sheesh. This post was right on time today.

Marissa said...

Your pictures do for me what TAKING them does for you. Thank You!