Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Signs everywhere

Signs of summer.

Shells, sharks, frayed rope.

A lesson here and there.

Like this one: if you catch a shark,

it's best to release it at the boat, you know, there's those pesky teeth and all.

And if you see a frayed rope and instantly cliches come to mind like, "coming undone", "frayed and frazzled", "the end of the rope" and you think the rope is talking directly to and about you, instead listen to the little voice inside that tells you that coming undone is a welcome necessity. That it means you're relaxed, you're loosening what's too tight, you're settling into what surrounds and supports you, that you're reaching in new directions, extending out, going your own way. Breathe deep, walk on, smile, it's summer.


patience said...

just loving all this photography...

Anonymous said...

Trying, I really am.

What river?