Monday, January 26, 2009


This new boot/planter, a Christmas present from my in-laws (isn't it cute?) is waiting.
This old washtub/converted planter is waiting,

and I am waiting, waiting, waiting for Spring! It's always at this time of the year where I'm so tired of winter and I just can't wait for the weather to change and Spring to arrive. It's also the time of year where I'll tell you over and over until you get sick of me how much I'm in love with our woodstove and how it's the one thing I look forward to in January and February. Of course it was snowing this morning, just a tiny little Virginia flurry, and I'll admit I do love the snow and I really like to ski, but I'd much rather be hot than cold. I have a very long time to wait, I know.

Certainly I'm not the only one who feels this way, part of the reason I'm thinking Spring is there are reminders everywhere. First of all, every store I pass has shorts in them already, swimsuits come in the bombardment of catalogs that seem to hit the house daily, a friend and I started talking about a Spring "show" and I just got the application for the farmers market this summer. I can't wait for market season!

So, I'm thinking about my display and how it needs, no, how it HAS to have a serious upgrade this year. I bought a couple of old shutters with the idea of hanging sweaters from them at the entrance of my tent and then some for the tabletop to hang necklaces on. Here's a pretty blue one:

I brought them home and said excitedly to Kevin, "honey, look at the cute shutters I bought for my booth at the market!"

"Why'd you buy them? I have about 20 of them out in the shop" he said.


That's always the case, I should know by now. He always has 20 of something out in the shop, or 500 or 8,000, whatever. His probably aren't a pretty blue.

And while we're on the subject of Kevin, you've probably noticed my camera was somehow found. It came back with a few more dents than it had when I last saw it (he has a nasty habit of dropping it frequently, it's a wonder it still functions). There was no big "ta da" when it was located, it just suddenly appeared on my desk. I didn't ask questions nor do I need to know the details of where it was or how narrowly it escaped being lost, I'm just glad it's back.

Which brings me to my next thought. There's one more thing that's waiting and it's little Miss Sunny Sunshine who is perpetually waiting for her next walk or game of fetch or romp in the yard, any of the above will do. I caught her gnawing on my rosebush this morning the little stinker. Thorns? What thorns? I have a feeling my flower garden out back is in for some serious destruction this year.

Yes, the back doors are waiting too for someone to Windex the puppy smudges off them. Goodness.

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puffthemagicrabbit said...

Oh she's so cute!

My camera has quite a few dents and dings- but when I got it and they offered up warranties, I said it had to cover mishaps with goats and wine... How's your warranty- you need to ask if it cover's fishing "incidents"