Friday, January 16, 2009


Why is it that sometimes the easiest things take the longest to accomplish? Like the bag of donation items that sits on my closet floor for two months before I take it to Goodwill or the disco ball that's been in the kitchen since New Year's Eve (don't ask, my brother-in-law borrowed it--the fact that my husband has owned it since before we were married--well, I can only shake my head) still waiting to go to the attic.

I'm not sure why I let things pile up and get forgotten, but that's just what happened with this little bunny. Anyway, I wrote the pattern for it close to a year ago and since then have made a jillion of them, and sold them and I even sold the pattern at the market several times and fully intended to have it for sale in my shop, but it is only now that I have finally put it there. It's yours to enjoy, if you'd like to take a look at the listing, please do. Way back in its inception I had a few friends test knit it and they found it easy to follow. But of course I'm always here for questions if you have any!

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Anonymous said...

Cute bunny! (just don't know what to say about the disco ball... skating, anyone?)