Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Portrait of a snow day

A favorite barn on the way to preschool. Only one of the three children had school today.

A silhouetted John,

working on the "Lego Town" they made this week. The girls have been quite involved, treating it like it's an advanced game of house or something.

A lucky Lauren whose brother so generously shares his new Nintendo DS.

And a frustrated Allie, "Why won't this thing open?" she huffs.

Then, she puts on a whole umbrella show for whoever will watch, spinning it like a top for her finale.

It's fitting that the day after I wrote about how much I want Spring to come, we have our first dose of winter precipitation. I knew it was coming and thought of the irony of such a post but went ahead and did it anyway. We really didn't have snow per se, just an icy, slushy sort of mush that has fallen and since turned to rain. We're treating it like a snow day anyway, with books and movies and a warm fire and the anticipation is building toward cookies and hot chocolate.

Really what I want to do is get back to that gray sweater of mine that's been on hold for about a week, but nagging at me in the back of my head is the final coat of paint that needs to go on the shelves, orders to finish and cleaning the blasted shower that I've been putting off much too long. Does a snow day mean I can play hookey from my responsibilities too?


Pamela said...

Snow days absolutely offer a reprieve from responsibilities - business, personal, social - all of them. Enjoy the day!!! No cleaning allowed.

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Most definitely! And if you do any cooking at all today, it must involve chocolate.