Friday, January 2, 2009

I wish

I wish I had something wonderfully profound to say to you today, a beautiful revelation about life and love, or even a little wisdom to impart, but it seems every year I am resolution-less and in a state of flux. To make matters worse, our littlest is quite sick, keeping me home and in comfy clothes, doing lots of laundry, back rubbing and consoling. She feels so yucky and I just hate it. Besides wanting to help her feel better, my second priority is to keep everyone else away from her. If the bug goes through all 5 of us it could be a loooong week.

My plan of attack for 2009 (in business and life for that matter) is to keep plugging away, putting one foot gracefully in front of the other and making lots of the same goodness that 2008 had to offer with new twists, such as the strawberries and cream booties above. I'm still planning my sweater and if no one else gets sick I may have a chance to get some yarn at a favorite store before the weekend is over.

The other time occupier over the past 2 days has been the "knitters black hole" (a.k.a. Ravelry) and yesterday I decided to make a hat. I know I've said I don't wear hats but Kevin got us a gift to go skiing this winter and I'll have to wear something on my head. So I knitted Felicity and I like it although I don't like myself in hats. It's just a thing I need to get over.

It really does look like the picture on Ravelry now that I see it from this angle, all bulbous and big. I used some worsted weight wool I had in my stash, I'm rather partial to blue, always have been.

Now, rather than draging you through any more of my muddling around, I'll sign off and in parting I wish each of you a happy new year just the same, we've no where to go but forward!

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Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, my littlest is sick, too. He's at the tail end of it, though. Hope she feels better soon.

I know 2009 is gonna be better- hope yours is wonderful!