Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is so not knitting

My camera went fishing today, stuffed deep inside Kevin's coat. It's been spending alot of time there this winter, so much time that a friend told me I needed one of those license plates, you know, like "FSHN WIDO" or "FSHN WIFE" or something to that effect. But this is his "knitting" and I completely get it, I don't resent the time spent fishing. I get how he loses track of time, how the world stops and there's nothing but water and anticipation and the camaraderie of friends with the same love and of course the breakfast they pick up at WAWA.

While the thought of freezing cold water and wind and fish guts doesn't appeal to me as it does him, I'm just glad he has that something that speaks to his heart and sets it flying. It's written all over his face when he bursts through the door with an unmistakeable glow and cheeks looking like he'd just done a faceplant in the snow. Like today which broke all sorts of personal records, like 300 pounds of catfish in just 30 minutes and 8 citations in the bunch. No, no, we don't eat them, he releases them all, the ones caught below the city are risky fare and supposedly don't taste good when they're so big.

So that's where the camera was and you probably wouldn't want to see the pictures of my day anyway, the post office, the birthday party, Target, the laundry, cleaning, dishes. The highlight was a run with Sunny, seeing the kids go wild outside in the sun and more moderate temperature and dinner with friends. The shelves will have to wait another day or two. I did miss taking pictures, surely I would have found something worth capturing and I was glad to know it was back home, or so I thought. You can imagine how taken aback I was when Kevin asked me after he got home, "have you seen the camera?".

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