Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm sure the ice is at fault

I woke up in a panic at about 5 a.m., positive that my whole world was caving in and that I needed to fly downstairs, get on the computer and check my credit score. Luckily I realized right away it was just a crazy dream, that someone in a rental company had kicked Kevin and I out of a vacation rental because he said our credit was terrible. He was so mad at us and was throwing our stuff around the room with a disgusted look on his face and I was mortified and just so squirmy and uncomfortable I wanted to run for cover. I fell back asleep only to wake later hugely relieved that yet another preposterous dream was just a dream and I had no reason to be all tense and angry about something that didn't happen. Whew. You know that feeling, where you just think over and over, it was just a dream, thank goodness, just a dream.

I'm quite sure my moods fluctuate with the weather and I've had enough of the ice and rain thank you very much. They say now we may have thunderstorms this afternoon. What is this crazy place? So I'm blaming the dreams entirely upon it, the winter weather and ice. Or perhaps the idea of putting an addition on the house has something to do with it. No, on second thought, I'd rather blame the ice.

Although the day had a rocky start, things have smoothed out, the planets aligned themselves in just the right way and I've been able to finish an order that was taking me way to long to complete AND put the third coat of paint on the shelves. There are definite stages to painting. I find at first it's hard to get started, do the prep work and get in the right mindset. Then once I start and I'm happy and having fun, listening to favorite music, excited to have pretty painted shelves, then by the time the third coat comes around I start thinking, this is like knitting the second sock, or even worse, the third. But now they're done, they're done, they're done. Tomorrow we (Kevin) can screw in some hooks and we'll load 'em up. Of course there will be pictures.


puffthemagicrabbit said...

You did get some pretty pictures of the ice.

Might as well blame the ice. I'm kinda done with the weather this year, too. Time to pull out the Jimmy Buffett cd's.

Pamela said...

Get outside for a little sunshine today! A good dose of vitamin D will do the trick. And true, some Buffett always helps too.

Enjoy the day!