Monday, January 5, 2009

Purple haze

This is a hodge-podge post at best so please bear with me, it's merely an attempt to share snippets of what my day is shaping up to look like. Isn't that yarn above great? I bought it for myself, no telling what it will become but my plan is to make an adapted version of the Simple Pleasures hat over at the purl bee. Only problem being I need to purchase some size 3 circulars. The weather isn't stopping me although it's a hazy, damp day which is conducive to staying in,

the real issue is that Allie still looks like this:

and I don't have the heart to drag her to the store to buy more needles. I really thought that she was in the clear and would be able to go to school today, but she had a relapse last night and is still nursing her poor little tummy. She's gone back to sleep now and I hope she stays that way so she can heal.

I was a woman on a mission yesterday, completing the post-Christmas pack up, then the clean up and finally the first attempts at better organization. I was preparing for everyone to return to school with a bit of sadness, perhaps busying myself so as not to dwell on it. We really had a nice break and the kids were truly entertaining. They got along, the whining and fighting was at a minimum and I had real heart pangs as I helped my older two on to the bus this morning. I miss them. As much as I've got going on and knowing full well that I can accomplish a great deal with them in school I still didn't want to see them go.

So I'm dealing with it and getting back to the yarn. I'm working on a nice wholesale order that should ship out in the next day or two, tying up other loose ends and trying to figure out what to do with this other new yarn.

I'm also still going round and round with my sweater ideas and now I'm wondering if I should just make myself a winter version of this one.

Somehow I managed to figure it out by myself, inspired by one in Sundance catalog last year and I think I even finished it while I had mono. There are modifications to be made of course, it can only be better the second time around, right? Wish me luck.


Pamela said...

Ah, the sweater possibilities! Have fun with the process. I hope Allie feels better soon.

puffthemagicrabbit said...

And when you get it done, publish that pattern!

The bug we had did the same thing- they were sick, then got better, then bam- sick again. She's not far from the end- hope she's all better soon.