Friday, January 9, 2009

Little things

Above sits the next color combination for a pair of booties. I know, it may just look like two piles of string to some, but I'll soon make them disappear. Those particular colors were actually a custom request, and one I'm grateful for. Sometimes the best ideas come from those inquiries and I'm not too proud to take them! The moss will be on the bottom, blue on the top.

Next is that cowl I was talking about which is still a wip in sumptuous Malabrigo. But then I saw this one and gasped, thinking an even simpler style may be what I'm looking for.

Here is the gorgeous project bag where it currently lives. My dear (and well-traveled) friend Pam knew I'd love it . Read about her recent escapades to Helsinki here if you want to pretend like you're taking a trip far far away while you're really just sitting at your desk, or in your house, or your car, or the bathroom or wherever you sneak in blog time.

Seriously though, the bag is the perfect size, made out of silk and is from Lantern Moon. Here's what the back of the tag reads: "Our products are produced by an education and income generation project and family owned enterprises which revive the traditional cultural handicrafts of Vietnam." I like it. I like it when people really start to think about what they're doing, unlike the driver I saw today heaving large chunks of trash out the window of her new BMW SUV. Really? I thought. Really?


*Michelle* said...

Well... imagining the degree of self-delusion it would take to even purchase such a vehicle, I imagine that throwing trash out the window could somehow seem acceptable. (Wow. I just completely revealed my class bias!)Lovely project bag. :)

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Wow- I can't believe people still throw trash out of their cars. Huh.

The story of the bag makes it that much more lovely.

Your cowl is looking good, and you're right about that birthday cowl- gotta queue that one.