Friday, June 13, 2008


The urge to hear Billy Joel's "And so it goes" hit me this morning as strong as chocolate. So I started pulling out old CD's, the ones that still sit in the cabinet or in my car as they do in this iPod-less household. I need this music today.

Most days I'm listening to the best radio station I've ever found, WNRN out of Charlottesville. Anyone who plays 80's alternative, The English Beat, Sugarcubes, Cure, Fugazi and REM, but also all the new stuff, Kate Nash, Feist, Matt Nathanson and even Patience's beloved Flobots has me as a listener for life.

But today I feel quiet. I want to listen more than I talk. I want something familiar, something reassuring and good. This is what I need when change is imminent, feelings are bruised, life seems big and when new doors open. Music is there when I'm tired, or exhuberant, thoughtful or blank, or when I just want something real.

Barney didn't last long here. I'm quickly converting the kids to my taste in music and even some of their friends. Yesterday Lauren's friend who was over was dancing like crazy to Feist's "I feel it all" in the living room. I love it. Allie is partial to Pete Yorn and John's favorite is U2's "I will follow", a boy after my own heart.

One order of business. I will be back at the Goochland Farmer's Market tomorrow from 8-12. So happy to have had a break, haven't made nearly as much as I wanted to but I'm okay with it, and I'm excited to be going back. I've missed it.

Hope you all enjoy your music today and have a wonderful weekend.

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Anonymous said...

OK, so what's WNRN's #'s? I've been only cds since my stereo got replaced, but that sounds right up my alley.