Tuesday, June 3, 2008


A patient once told me a story about something in her life so "rememorable" that she just had to share it. Of course I filed her word away for later use.

This season in baseball has been just that, one that is so full of good moments that I want to remember them over and over. In a short time, John has gone from a boy who could barely play catch to one who can now make a play at second and even hit it into the outfield from time to time. He has struggled, worked, played, listened and soaked up everything he could.

We will remember this coach. His quiet strength, patience, encouragement and influence have nurtured John in such a way that we stand back in awe, thankful that there are adults other than ourselves loving our children along their way.

We will remember this team. Happy little boys of 7 and 8 who cheer, pat on the back, say "you can do it John!", and hand out gum when things aren't going well. This team who could have picked on and poked fun at one of its littlest, are amazed at how far he's come. To watch other children admire his hard work and unfailing dedication is like love falling from the sky and wrapping it's arms all around us.

He will play in the championship playoff game in just a few nights. A huge achievement, and a testament to the fact that sometimes good really can prevail.


patience said...

Oh...I love this story. I can just see John giving everything he has. It kind of restores a little faith in team sports as I see my boys drifting away from it. There is so much kind encouraging words and piece of gum can help....

puffthemagicrabbit said...

Yay for good, rememorable stuff!