Saturday, June 21, 2008


Atlas, a recently sheared alpaca made his rounds, Mary's red onions looked so good I wanted to buy one even though I'm allergic to them,

and a great crowd of well over 800 came out to enjoy the market despite early morning sprinkles. It was another one of those days where it seemed everyone I knew was somehow connected to someone else I knew. But the kicker was when a woman who I've worked with as a PT for 13 years came up and told me her granddaughter was one of the vendors right next to me and that her other grandchild in Wisconsin had one of my hats and she just realized today it had come from me.

I don't use Mayberry as a derogatory term, I've just found it startling over the past few months how interconnected it seems we all are. Or maybe this is normal for people and it's just me who's finally getting out there and participating in life. Whatever the case, it sure is fun and I'm meeting some great people. Like Halsey, of Hickory Green Farm who not only keeps sending her friends my way, but she also gives me some of the most amazing cut flowers week after week and as an added bonus, a dozen eggs today. Her sunflowers have exploded,

and if she doesn't let me give her something in trade I'm going to have to resort to sneaking jewelry into her purse.

The chocolate dipped booties are gone, definitely a hit. And hats, hats, hats. I know what I'll be making this week!

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