Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer school and the thirsty snake

The heat has finally broken and so we decided to spend as much time outside as possible today. That meant lunch and dinner outside as well. My favorite.

I discovered last week that John could multiply. This wouldn't be so shocking were it not for the fact that he's just seven and recently finished first grade. It started when he wanted to know what the 5X meant on his toy binoculars. I explained multiplication in terms of "sets" and he could quickly tell me the answers to all the single digit multiplication I threw at him. He could also quickly figure out 3x12, 4x20, 2x18, etc., etc. Today's car ride:

John: "give me some times questions mom"

me: "what's 3x15?"

John: "45. because 30 plus 15 is 45"

me: "uh huh"

Thinking I needed to foster this new knowledge we went to the bookstore for some summer activity books. Math for John, reading comprehension and writing for Lauren and letter practice for Allie. I found a book for John with more difficult addition in it as well. Here's how that conversation went:

me: "see John, it even has harder addition and subtraction in it like 570 + 50"

John: "you mean 620?"

me: "you did not just say that."

John: smile....

When we got home he was working on adding 3 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers. To my surprise his answers were right. I then proceeded to try to show him how to "carry" when adding and it was clear I was confusing him. It was one of those moments where my little voice inside said I needed to back up, stop inserting myself where it wasn't necessary and just let what was going to naturally happen, happen naturally.

Even with this new discovery, his favorite passtime is still...what else...Legos.

Then there's Lauren, my little reader and author. I told her that when she finished her activity book we'd go back and get another if she'd like. Shouldn't have said that. She made it her personal quest to try to finish the whole thing today. "I just love this, Mom" she said. I remember being like that.

And Allie? She's still being Allie, on top of the table, on top of my computer right now, so happy that big brother and sister are home all day all summer.

What post would be complete without a nature shot? Fair is not for those with an aversion to reptiles. I noticed this outside the dining room window last night.

My first thought was that that had to be one fast black snake to snag a hummingbird out of midair. But as I stood and watched him for a while it became clear that what he was really after was the water in the cup atop the feeder that's meant to keep ants from getting in the sugar water. That's one smart snake.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder if we could introduce him to the one taking my guinea eggs, and have them harness their snakey energy for good...