Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The unconservationist

I worked yesterday and came home to find the entire living room floor and front hallway covered with "canoes", faux lakes and rivers and a veritable hanger full of paper airplanes. Gone was all of what was left of the pack of printer paper which had to be at least 3/4 of the pack. This is what happens with 3 imaginative children and their babysitter who's a recent college graduate and going to be an elementary school teacher in the fall. They'd also managed to put price tags on everything and they each had a store. They bought, sold and bartered their goods using the money from Monopoly and Operation.

While I'm a bit irked that I now can't print something I need from work, I'd much rather my paper be gone than know that the kids were parked in front of the TV while their sitter talked on her hot pink rhinestoned cell phone all day. Perhaps they made up for themselves by splitting apples open from the tree out back and planting apple trees all over the yard. What do you think, are they even?

The rest of the week I'll be trying to get back up to full speed getting ready for the market on Saturday. I'm bringing back an old favorite, the preppy flower hat.

Sometimes I get so sidetracked by new stuff that I forget to keep making what's been working all along. I've got the wheels turning again figuring out a new purse design, but I'm not expecting to have it done this week. I really need to come up with something bigger to please those of the "I carry it all with me" persuasion.

enough talk...more knit...stay tuned!


kimmy said...

Hi there Amy!
I found you through KindnessGirl and upon reading a bit of your blog I can see we have lots in common ! Groundhogs, gardening, mothering, budding business owners, ETSY , photographing plants and rainbows.....

All three of the women pictured on my blog were at the pool on Sunday ! I think we were met to meet.
Nancy is a member at that pool . She is Jim Johns' wife, who was also featured in KindnessGirl's post!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Anonymous said...

Love the use of the printer paper- I was terrible about tearing all of the paper out of my notebooks so my sister and I could fly a bzillion planes!