Monday, June 23, 2008

How does this happen?

He eats the food, the trap closes and still he's free. Kevin says to keep trying, that we're almost there and that I need to put the food further back in the trap. He thinks he's not all the way in and manages to wriggle out through the partially open door. Whatever. I'm still making him cozier than he's ever been before. I doubt he's ever eaten a peach until I said, here, have a peach, come and stay a little longer. Just when you think you're smarter than a rodent, you humbly have to accept that you're NOT!

On a brighter note, let's break here for summer fun.

What are you doing girls?

Lauren: playing games

Lots of water involved.

Allie: doing an experiment.

Who says trucks are just for boys?

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