Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I was telling the truth about the groundhogs

There he sits, basking in the mid-morning sun on the front steps, peering out over the carnage of beheaded marigolds. I still haven't managed to plant something new in those pots, because I'm sure whatever I buy will be his new favorite dinner.

Kevin is still having luck with his method of ridding the place of groundhogs, but just as soon as one is gone another seems to slip right into place. One of those cycles of life I suppose.

In keeping with the animal theme today I thought I'd show two hats I just listed in the shop. The batik cotton in the first one was a de-stash from Pam's mom, a.k.a. quilter extrordinaire, and I really like it. It reminds me of the drawings in the children's book "Swimmy" by Leo Leonni (did I spell that right?) which was one of my favorites growing up.

The kids are officially out of school and started arguing the first five minutes home. This after John's wipeout on the road when he got going too fast running off the bus with a loaded down backpack. It ended in a deep cut on his elbow and blood streaming down his arm. I will be very happy when the pool is open for its full summer hours!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yea, the arguing. I think I may be ready for September...

Actually, that groundhog is pretty cute. With the goats free-ranging, I've given up on gardens and flowers and such, but I do kinda worry when I see groundhog tunnels in the pet cemetary.