Friday, June 20, 2008

As the groundhog eats

So far we've trapped one squirrel, let him go, and managed to feed the groundhog a nice diet of lettuce and peaches without him getting caught. So not only am I providing him shelter, but I'm feeding him as well. If I set out a bowl of water I could call him a pet.

New strategy. Hang the food from the cage so he can't eat it from outside the trap. Also, I moved the cage out from under the front steps. Someone (me) put it under there thinking it would be nice and shady, but neglected to see that the mechanism to close the door wouldn't work because it kept bumping into the underside of the front stoop. Oh please. If this doesn't work, you might see me pull a true Bill Murray and start sticking dynamite in clay groundhogs. kidding.

I will be at the market in the morning, for those of you who might go. I'll have with me some new jewelry and the "chocolate dipped" booties from the last post.

I leave you now with some happy pictures. Here's what's in bloom. First, the daisies,

yellow day lilies,

and the first fruits of the garden! I picked this zucchini tonight,

and hopefully these will be ready tomorrow for dinner.


*Michelle* said...

"If I set out a bowl of water, I could call him a pet" LMAO!

Pamela said...

Where are you getting those lovely peaches? Way too nice for the groundhog.

The garden looks fabulous too.