Friday, June 6, 2008


wake up at 1 a.m. when Allie comes through bedroom to go potty
go back to sleep
wake up at 3 a.m. when Allie says she's scared
go back to sleep
wonder why Allie's not up by 7 a.m.
check her breathing
remind self to mention on blog that you won't be at the market tomorrow
you need to rest, spend time with family, build up inventory
remember this is a big day for Kevin
keep secret
check Allie's breathing at 8 a.m.
do laundry, make breakfast
check Allie's throat when it hurts too much to eat
decide you have to go to the doctor
congratulate Kevin when he comes home with the Humanitarian of the Year Award from Rotary
listen to him reference the Bible about pride and boasting
how it cautions against accepting recognition from man
pause to think about it
go to doctor
make pair of booties
get negative strep test and lollipop
go to Target for Tylenol, jello and gatorade
wonder how it can be so hot
eat lunch
admire cannas

hear from Richmond editor that your bloomin' booties will be in the July issue of Skirt!
do figurative backflips
teach Lauren to finger crochet
listen to her ramble on about life
write letter to John's coach
get choked up
read it to Kevin
tear up
see him dumbfounded by emotion
blame it on hormones and basic sappy personality
laugh and go inside
plan to get Lauren summer haircut
watch Allie sleep
wait for game tonight
take random picture of baseballs

have a happy weekend everyone!


Pamela said...

That's a full day already. I hope she feels better and John's gash doesn't hinder play tonight. Congratulations to Kevin.

Have a delightful, relaxing weekend. I'll be at the YL all weekend in case relaxing takes you out of the house...

Anonymous said...

Wow- now I'm tired.
Congrats on Skirt!
(oh, and I looked up those wild fires- ugh)