Sunday, April 13, 2008

The tour

The local farmer who tends to the alfalfa around our house came to spray today and so I started taking pictures and have decided to give you a little tour. I'm not sure what he was spraying, pretty sure it was some sort of grass killer since the onslaught of manure spreading took place over the last few weeks all around the county. One word sums up that experience...pungent.

Here he is on the machine we like to call the spider. Don't know if you can see them, but those big arms that are spread out to spray lift up when he rides down the road look alot like spider legs.

The iris are blooming. For the novice gardners out there like myself, these flowers are a lifesaver! I've thinned them out from time to time and when I do I just pick a spot to dump the leftovers. I don't plant them, prepare the soil or anything and they just grow where they are laid. They're perfect for me--impossible to mess up.

That little white building used to be a well house. We ended up moving it to a different part of the yard and it is now a potting shed. To the right of it is the graveyard of old farm implements we found scattered in the woods all around the property when we moved here. Many were completely undetectible, overgrown and out of sight.

There they look kind of cool in a sea of green, but it's not grass. Did I mention the weeds?

That's just one spot. All around the house this scene repeats. Everything is popping up green, and that includes the weeds. Weeding is up there on my list of things I detest. It's worse than cleaning the shower.

On the other hand, smelling the lilacs makes it all better. We used to have two purple ones, but Kevin hated them and how they interfered with his grass cutting so they disappeared. I still haven't gotten over that one. But every spring at this time this plant sends out new shoots of growth and I'm transplanting them all over the place. There are about 5 ready for me right now. It's a race to see if I can get to them before he does with the mower.

I had to snap a shot of a hosta. Again, foolproof for me. I just love the way they look when they first are popping out of the ground.

And the tour wouldn't be complete without letting you see the big apple tree in the backyard with it's white blooms. Looks like lots of apples this year.

Since the theme seems to be green today, I'll throw in a little crochet to round out the tour. Pam had some perfect yarn for booties since I ran out of the other shade of green. Thanks Pam!


Pamela said...

Love the booties. I'm glad the yarn became something wonderful under your care.

Is it too late to get on the list for lilac sprouts?

mindy said...

Beautiful pictures- what a great place! And white lilacs are my favorite.

My solution for weed control is: Angora Goats. Mine free-range during the day in the summer. Trouble is- they really like lilacs and rose bushes and such- so all of those are gone. Maybe one of these days I'll build anti-goat fences and try again.