Friday, April 11, 2008

Belt Friday

Busy busy busy! I visited One Earth again today (see the previous post) to bring my friend some more goodies and more of my little tags. She loved everything and has a serious display of my things goin' on. She's sold a few pieces and has taken an order for me already. Thank you Jackie!!! If you're in central VA, head over there to Montpelier and pay her a visit. It's One Earth Natural Marketplace. For the address you can visit her website here.

I came away with a nice bag of her things for myself and am excited to experiment with the powdered Kefir. My tummy will thank her. Kevin may be a bit bewildered though when he sees me making my own yogurt of sorts but he'll live. It was exciting to see her so busy so soon after her opening, I think she's sitting on a goldmine. People out here get tired of driving to the city for everything and she seems to have filled a big void here in the country. She also sells milk shares and has info on local CSA's. I picked up a flyer from a lady who sells chickens locally and set it inconspicuously on the kitchen countertop. A little incentive for Kevin to get going on some fencing (of course it's some a friend needed taken down and we got it for free--the hand-me-downs never end).

So this afternoon I'm getting down to business and cracking away at some belts. I recently got a shipment of new buckles and need to make them up. Jackie has single handedly made a huge dent in my stash and while I'm not panicking so close to the market opening, I'm feeling the heat. I also need to work on booties, hats, headbands, keychains, baskets, bags, baby sweaters, the list goes on and on. It's a very good problem to have, I won't complain! A little pressure is actually a really good motivator for me and gets my creative juices going. I feel some late nights coming on...

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