Monday, April 28, 2008

Just go with it

This picture has little to do with today's post, other than to remind me of what a dry porch looks like. Read on.

It feels like I've done a good bit of talking about rain this Spring and I'm kind of getting tired of it, so if you've read much of my rambling, you probably are too. Which is why I won't talk about rain today (although it's a monsoon out there) and instead I'll just talk about today's motto around here. Whatever's happening, just "go with it".

Stop pretending like it's nice outside, like you could do some transplanting around the house, like you could divide some ferns or do more weeding, and let the little one watch cartoons, or Noggin, or the Food Network...all day...just go with it.

Forget about laundry, cleaning and the dirty dishes. Instead spread everything out on the floor you could possibly need to make some necklaces and bracelets (all day) and let Allie "cook" with buttons and thousands of tiny plastic thingys that you iron into shapes that end up flying all over the room....just go with it.

When Kevin comes home for lunch with a meat grinder he intends to afix to his boat so he can make "chum" when he goes catfishing, don't ask questions, don't wonder why...just go with it.

And when you can't go outside to look for shapes in the clouds, dip into the pretzel bag and see what you can find in there...just go with it.

And forget that the market opens in 6 days and that you just sold half your stash and will have to work like a madwoman who doesn't sleep in order to have a decent showing for opening day (first impression pressure and all) and take the time to have some fun writing about how you're just "going with it".

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