Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love notes from Lauren

I found this little note waiting for me in my car after church. I had driven Kevin's truck in early, to practice bells before the service and Kevin drove my car with the kids. Why move three carseats unnecessarily? We switched cars during the service, Kevin left after the first service and the kids and I stayed for both. If ever anything humbles me it's these notes she writes. The surprise of finding them randomly and without expectation makes me melt.

I wonder why she writes them and what I've done to deserve them, but with Lauren, expressing her love seems to come just as easily as talking about the weather or a caterpillar. As she told me when she was 4, "I just LOVE words, Mommy" and I believe her.

Yesterday she brought me a poem. "Here is a poem Allie and I wrote, Mommy. Allie drew the picture and she told me what to write and I wrote it."

"Really?" I asked.

As it is written:

Dear little sunshine
Your the sweetist
You color the land
You allway's smile
You love the Goat's
and You love me
and Your favrite color is the color of the Goat's
and You allway's make me Happy when I'm sad.

--Allie, age 4, Lauren, age 6

1 comment:

Anne Margaret said...

I don't know what is sweeter - the poem, the goat sticker, the love of goats.....

Your little girls rock! And they're right - they have the sweetest mom.