Sunday, April 6, 2008

On the 39th try

I end up with a bootie that looks suspiciously similar to one I created a while back, only I made it in an entirely different fashion. The previous one was crocheted from the toe up in a conical fashion and then divided for the heel, back, etc. This one began like the oval crocheted rug in my mud room. Then, I went up the sides and decreased around the toe portion and when it looked right, made the strap and little embellishment on the toe. I love it. No, it didn't really take me that many tries, but Kevin says it felt like that many. Now I hope I can make one to match, and then a coordinating hat. By 11:00 last night I wasn't in the mood to write the pattern.

My favorite thing is that it reminds me of a bird's nest with robin eggs in it. A favorite color combination of mine. I'll also remember this as the bootie I made while watching "ET" with the family (the movie, not the evening program). The kids were affected by the movie to say the least, and had more questions than I imagined they would. I'm amazed at how good that movie still is after so many years.

I worked at the hospital today and as much as I regret leaving the family on a weekend day, I'm always thankful that I can have that experience. Every time I go I'm overwhelmingly reminded of the things we do to harm our bodies. From drugs and alcohol and their related health consequences or catastrophic accidents, to smoking, poor diet and inactivity, it's a scared straight public service announcement on repeat. I've seen so many lives cut short or changed forever, and sometimes of more profound effect, the helpless suffering of family members.

But in the midst of the pain, I usually find more than one angel. Today it was an elderly African American gentleman with the darkest skin and the whitest contrasting beard, and the bluest eyes. As I write that I'm thinking, wait, is that possible? But I'm pretty sure his eyes were blue. I just couldn't stop looking at them. His skin was beautifully wrinkled and his voice soft. As he told me he regretted his decision to agree to his leg amputation, the only thing I could think was that I was thankful he was still here and that we had the time to talk.

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