Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One Earth

Today we visited a friend who just recently opened a natural food store in Montpelier, VA and did a little (not so little) wholesale order. All I can say is what a neat place! It's here, on the first floor of this beautiful old farmhouse. As you walk in it smells wonderful, it's light and has beautiful floors and rooms. She's just getting started, but already has tons of great inventory from books to food, health aids and gadgets, you could spend alot of time looking. She's also building up a great assortment of natural items for kids. Wooden toys, special dolls, play clothes racks with clothespins and handmade aprons. It's a wonderful space and I'm so happy to be able to have some of my things included in her wares.

Unfortunately I was in a bit of a rush this afternoon and wasn't able to shop, but I need to go back and give her some more price tags and can really have a look around. Allie can attest, the apples at least are wonderful! I'm looking for some of her powdered Kefir (didn't know it came in that form), fermented (non-alcoholic, that doesn't seem possible) teas and also an education -- how to use my recent purchase, Restoring Your Digestive Health (remember that book?).

If you're in the area check her out and help a mother of FOUR, with FIVE cows, several dogs and who knows how many chickens get her shop off the ground and flying. The name is "One Earth Natural Marketplace" in Montpelier, VA and more information can be found on her website here.

Meanwhile, this mama better get knitting! The Goochland Farmers Market opens in just a few weeks and I need to seriously work on my stash. That also means a trip to the yarn store and you know how much I just hate that. Kidding of course!

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Pamela said...

Delightful! And I LOVE the booties!

If your yarn shop visit includes The Yarn Lounge, I'll be there Sunday noon-5pm.

Have a great day!